Concert Mapping

Concert mapping of Kolkata’s Indian Classical Music concerts is to be done in two ways.

  1. by attending the present concerts in different size of venues, listening to it, talking to the artists, organizers and listeners.
  2. trying to map concerts from the available data procured from different sources like, newspaper advertisements, news paper reporting, obtaining data from the organizers and so on.

The current concerts will be approached as below:

About 60 concerts will be thoroughly documented. Among them 20 in concert halls with capacity over 500 people, large open spaces and stadiums; 20 in smaller concert halls of less than 500 people and 20 in baithaks. The study will involve the preparation of the musicians and the interactions with the audiences.

  • preparation of the musicians
  • interactions with the audiences

General data

  • Date of concert
  • Venue
  • N,S,E,W or Central Kolkata
  • Musicians’ list [soloist, accompanist, etc.]
  • Concert presenter [announcer]
  • Soundman
  • Organizer/Event manager
  • Sponsors
  • Publicity details

Preparation of the musicians

  • Interview musicians during the final one week before one’s performance in a concert. We have to identify musician who will volunteer for this study. Try Tejendra Narayan Majumdar, Kushal Das, Shankar Ghosh, Ajay Chakraborty, Samaresh Chaudhury, Debasish Bhattacharya and others.
  • Questions may be like:
    • When the musician starts performance planning [1. raga/s 2. performance sequence [alap-jod-jhala; alap-jod-vilambit gat-drut gat – jhala] 3. any prior plan on pattern buildings, tihai etc. 4. any special start, end.
    • What is the impact of time-allotment on performance plan
    • What are the possible reasons for choosing a particular raga and tala?
    • Does the assembled audience-composition has any role in the concert planning?
    • Is there any impact of the ratio of hall/space capacity vs percentage of audience attendance on the performance planning?
    • What are the important musical components for a killing performance?
    • How the musician prepare him/herself for a killing performance.

Interactions of the audiences

  •  Record concerts putting Zoom H2n around the middle of a concert space so that the music and audience reactions can be recorded nicely.

Analyze how the audiences respond to different musical components.

 Concert presentation

  • Decoration
  • Amplification
  • Announcements
  • Any special presentation techniques adapted

Any other information

Database entry

The excel entries should be done using the attached excel sheet for quantified sample data analysis.   Concert data format [Excel]