Stub Repository

We were collecting anecdotes on classical music-related happenings in Kolkata, an effort to frame some kind of oral history. As the music is kind of omnipresent in all parts of India the speakers many a times got drifted and started talking about the incidents happened in other cities of the country. We also received some anecdotes of the incidents those happened outside India.  As this mapping project is only limited to Kolkata or Calcutta, we found it difficult to map it under this project. But, we realized that these anecdotes are also priceless and should not be kept aside. So, we thought of creating a small archive that can preserve these anecdotes. These are the anecdotes those may not directly fit in this project but otherwise opening up interesting history. These may be anecdotes those are connected to the musical personalities those are very intimately connected to Calcutta / Kolkata.

We named it ‘Stub Repository’.

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