Radio Recordings of Ustad Mustaque Ali Khan recorded in thirty cassettes—A Gift that came all the way from Venezuela

Told by Professor Amlan Dasgupta
Obtained by Rajeswary Ganguly Banerjee
Date 20th Februray. 2017
Place Jadavpur University, Department of English
About the speaker Amlan Das Gupta is a Professor of English, Jadavpur University, He has built an archive of North Indian classical music at the School of Cultural Texts and Records at Jadavpur University. He has also offered a course on the history of North Indian Classical Music. Education – University of Oxford.
Tags John Barlow,  Mustaque Ali Khan, Radio Recording, Cassettes, Venezuela, 1960’s
Language English

Professor  Amlan Dasgupta Speaks :


Data processed at SAP-DRS Lab, Department of Instrumental Music, Rabindra Bharati University.